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I am looking for a new phone, one that wont need a data plan added on. If I don't get a plan, and just use the phone, can I still connect it to a router for Wifi? Or will I be charged for using it? I was reading the information about it and thought it was interesting that it works like a ipod touch, (in a way).

Any opinions regarding this phone are also welcome, I want to make the right purchase considering my last phone (the Nokia Twist) ended up being a piece of garbage.

Lastly, do I get the two year contract price if I am already on a contract? Or is that ONLY for a new contract?

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Yes, you can connect to wifi without being charged. Wifi is a completely separate entity from Verizon's 3G network, and there is no way they can charge for wifi. Make sure you block data though, or you will get charges on your phone from 'supposedly' being on wifi, when at times you may in fact be on the 3g network. Furthermore, some people have been having troubles connecting to certain routers; in short, the Kin is pretty picky as to which ones work, or it could simply be some router settings that need to be enabled, disabled, etc. I personally haven't had problems connecting to the wifi, it works flawlessly for me, but i also don't know much about that sort of stuff, so i can't pinpoint the issues people have been having.


To answer your other question, to get the 2-year contract price, you either have to sign a new 2-year contract, or you need to renew your former 2-year contract (same contract, but it is like signing it for another 2 years). Those are what qualify you for the contract price ($50). You should be able to be eligible for this price 4 months before your old contract expires, or in other words, 20 months.