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Kin TwoM General Questions

1. Does the phone display a message on the mainscreen for missed phone call?

2. Does this phone have a missed phone call message alert (such as a beeping)?

3. Can you send and receive text message with the wifi?

4. Does the phone have speed dial?

5. I noticed that the phone does not have a notepad app. What have you been using to take any notes or text information that you would like to save for later.


Any information that you can answer would be very helpful. Thanks.

Re: Kin TwoM General Questions

I hope this helps I have had the phone for a month now and love it, my 2 teenage daughters and wife in fact have switched to it as well.


1.  Yes, it pops up as a talking bubble over the contacts picture.


2.  Not that I have noticed, it beeps after you missed it the one time.


3.  Texting is a service providers feature, however I guess you could bypass this by texting via an email account thru the WiFi to a cell phone number.


4.   No. It has a favorites list for contacts that is off the main screen, just touch the picture of the person that you want to contact and your off.


5.   Type it in the calendar, send yourself a text message ( texting is threaded so it is easy to review them all) , or send yourself an email.

Re: Kin TwoM General Questions

He pretty much answered everything but I would say it does have speed dial. It's just not the convential speed dial you are used to. The favorites feature is actually very cool and unlike what I have seen in other phones. This phone had so much potential :smileysad: To make better use of contacts, take their pictures. It is very cool to see your favorites menu when you have all of the matching photos.