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Kin TwoM Screen Backlighting Stopped

My 1 year old Kin TwoM phone's screen backlighting has stopped working, its very very dark, no backlighting. I cant see the screen in the dark, only a little little bit with the roon lights on. It didnt drop mine, it just stopped by itself.


My 1 year warranty ended 6 days ago, so I cant get help there. Does Verizon have a remote way of disabling my phone, forcing me to buy a new one?


Verizon what can I do to fix my phone screen?

Re: Kin TwoM Screen Backlighting Stopped

I'd call, and be polite, they may help you with it being 6 days over. My son's backlight went out, his was under warranty, they were out of Kin twoM's so they wanted to replace with a Pantech Jest, I talked them nto a Samsung Rogue, it started freezing after a month, we then got a Samsung Reality. If you're nice they may be flexible.