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Kin Twom Charging question

I have been using Kin Twom for about a week now and like it. But been having some issues with charging. Problem is it doesn't indicate when the charge is full. Anyone else have this problem? How long have people been charging the phone for full battery? and is there any way to know if it is fully charged?

Re: Kin Twom Charging question

There are two ways that I have found.

When the phone is plugged in and unlocked, tap the clock at the bottom right to bring up a menu which has your signal data, date and time, ringer volume, and battery status. The green amount in the battery icon is the amount the phone has charged. When the battery is totally green, it is fully charged.

When the phone is off and plugged in, the screen will show a battery with a red amount indicating the charge of the battery, along with a number which indicates the percentage charged.