Kin Twom Screen problem. What am i suppose to do now?

This is my 3rd Kin twom Phone

(1st - replaced for some random software issue - went back to Previous kin for some reason..)

(2nd - Certified Pre Owned - I Thought you guys check for Cosmetic problems? there was literally a part that came almost off on the phone. really)

(3rd - slide was loosen too much compare to others, dusty camera,  & one of the screw bolts were missing - Representative said "I can't give you another replacement for this is already my 3rd phone(their new replacement policy or something? where is it written...?) and says they will give me an option of buying Extended warranty - did first, then rejected for they were literally asking me to PAY MORE FOR THEIR OWN MISTAKE)

Whats more ironic? This happened within 2 months of my purchase(as i remember) and store representative never questioned when they saw me waking into the store like 5 times - barely one or two customers were there when i went there.

Now, because Verizon store near me rejected the replacement(when two of replacement was already bad when i received it), i just sucked it up and used it, hoping i don't ever have to go back to the store to talk to the representative - that has no such respects to customers.

Then few days ago, screen flickering begin, then within two days, phone died or something. Screen doesn't turn on, and it seems like phone just died because i cant sync with the Zune software anymore - even though phone is on(back light on keyboard is on when phone is open)

What am i suppose to do now? go to that store representative and get rejected again?

or even though they might replace it, get like a random Certified pre Destroyed phone?

I wish Verizon will become customer friendly like as how they used to be 5 years ago. its just getting worse and worse every day.

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Good afternoon!

I definitely understand any disappoint you may be feeling from this situation. Verizon Wireless do not have any such policy regarding a limit of replacements we issue, the warranty is not ours but rather the manufacturer and I apologize for any confusion. I would like to review your account and the concerns you are having with this device. Please send me a direct message for further assistance.

Thank you!


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