Kin Twom build quality

Has anyone had this experience with their Kin Two?

My Kin Twom has (compared to my brothers LG Cosmos) a creaky loose screen slider mechanism.  With the keyboard closed I can gently lift the screen up away from the keyboard such that there is a visible 1 to 2 mm gap.  With the keyboard open or closed the screen easily wobble/twists in relation to the keyboard. The wobbly screen makes it difficult to hold press any of the side keys (power, volumes, camera) in portrait or landscape orientation.

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Yes, the slider mechanism is a bit looser than most 'well-built' slider phones. Fault this to Sharp's design team, who gave it too large of a tolerance, which allows for this side-to-side wiggling. However, that being said, my phone's 'spring-action' is strong enough for me not to really notice the loose hinge. Also, it really doesn't feel like it structurally compromises the phone, it is just an annoying wiggle that doesn't give the satisfaction of a well-built phone. I have dropped my phone a few times, as well as test-slid the phone fairly quickly and with above-average force, and no damage appears to have occured.


As far as pushing the side buttons, i have no problem at all doing so. I will say though, that is largely due to the skin i put on my phone. I purchased the skinomi full-body 'techskin', and that gives the back battery cover a more 'tacky' texture, allowing my fingers to actually grip to the back and hold it instead of just the front half of the phone. On the 'stock' phone, due both to the poor design of the inverted 'chamfer' towards the back, as well as the very slippery texture of the battery cover, it makes holding the back half of the phone very hard (which is how you hold most phones; and from the buttons placed on this phone, it seems that is also how they designed it). The protective skins fixed that for me; also, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, cases for the phone also provide that grip to better hold the phone. I will say though, i fully recommend the Skinomi skins, if you've ever purchased one, or a Zagg invisibleshield skin, they are nearly identical, to give you an idea. Quality skins, how screen protectors/skin protectors are supposed to be. Its $19 for the full-body, and $10 for the screen protector only (and that doesn't help with the slipperiness of hte phone). A link to another post i made regarding the Skinomi techskins (post #32):