Kin2 stopped recieving yahoo e-mail

Hi guys,


I have had the Kin2 for a few monts and am moderately happy with it.  It is not as customizable as I would like but hope some software comes out that can be down loaded.


The main perk to purchasing this phone was the WiFi and being able to recieve webmail with  no data pack needed.  When I purchased it, I had all data blocked (thanks to Fish are Friends and others in this community... THANKS!!!)


My issue now is out of the blue, my phone stopped recieving emails.  I used to get them wherever a WiFi signal was picked up, but havent been able to get it in about a month now.  I did not change any settings (that I know of) that may have caused the problem.


Since this started, I started to mess around with the phone a bit changing the email settings around changing the #of days to sync, trying to do it manually, but to no avail.  This is a Yahoo email account, and again worked great the first month or so.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!!!

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Thank you CLdoc, for being eager to assist and share your experiences with this issue. It is very much appreciated.


asdqwe, are you still having problems with your email?


We look forward to your reply.






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I have experienced a similar problem with my Kin and hotmail. I have noticed that it happens when the phone gets down to 10% of the battery life.

It is almost like the email shuts down to preserve the battery longer, which I understand. However it kills the connection completely and I have to delete the account info and reestablish the account from scratch (input the email address and password) and have it sync again (you will lose any saved email on the phone, but get them back when it syncs).


As long as I don't let the battery run down that low it has been fine.



I hope this helps out.