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Major Kin Problems

     A few months ago i bought a Kin TwoM. And now it is randomly shutting off. Now a few days ago the phone shut itself off and reset itself, so I lost all my contacts. Also, my Kin is cutting in out of service and i find myself receiving 8 or 9 text messages at one time by different people. That happens 3 to 4 times a day. So either can someone help me with my phone or can i get a new phone from Verizon even though i do not have Warranty "Plan".

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Re: Major Kin Problems
Verizon Employee

Hello there jmaschino56,

I'm here to assist you with your Kin TwoM. You seem to be having many different issues with the device, so I would like to take this offline so I can contact you personally in order to troubleshoot your device, and check out your options. Please feel free to send me a DM including your name and mobile number. I'm happy to assist.

Thank you


VZW Support

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