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More YouTube woes on KIN ONE M's

Have 2 Kin OneM's. Both running software version 1.0.1


Using WIFI to access "", the first time you play a video, it plays without sound. As it's playing, and we plug in headphones, it plays. The SECOND video, or any other time we try to access a YouTube video (even the exact same one), the error message read:


"Playback problem

Can't play this video on the phone"


This happens at home, which I tried setting wide open, or at Starbucks, or at the Library - so I know it's most likely not WIFI settings.


If we try again after a restart, or even after maybe 30 minutes or so, it'll play again, sometimes even with sound, but only ONCE.

This happens on either of the two phones.


????? Anyone????? There doesn't appear to be any solid answer anywhere online.

Re: More YouTube woes on KIN ONE M's

That is the only answer that VZW employees have for ANY problem on this forum and it NEVER fixes it. There are people trying to jailbreak this phone on xda forums, but it is pretty much at a stale mate right now because this phone has more security than any other phone out there even though it is a cheap phone. If you can help PLEASE help, this phone would be excellent if it was running something like android. The problem is VZW and Microsoft both dropped this phone and for some reason won't give us access to the OS to fix the MANY problems with this phone. VZW if you are listening UPDATE THIS PHONE OR GIVE US DRIVERS TO REACH OPERATING SYSTEM!!!!!

Re: More YouTube woes on KIN ONE M's

When it happens to me a lot, I just pull the battery and then replace it. It usually fixes the problem for a bit, but it will keep popping up once in a while. I am unsure what the actual problem is, and I've noticed if I try and go to it will say that my browser is out of date and I need an upgrade. At that point, I exit and get off of wi-fi and do a hard pull. It's annoying but I think it's still worth it when other people are paying for data plans.