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My KIN TWOm saved my vacation

Well, from reading this forum, I guess I have the only KIN TWOm that hasn't self destructed yet.  Not only that, but it saved my recent vacation!  So I thought I'd share a happy KIN story.


We recently went to Europe for two weeks. I knew the KIN wouldn't work there (GMS vs CDMA), but I took it anyway for the music player on the long flight, and just to see if I could use the WiFi to check e-mail and sports scores from any cafes or hotels that happened to have WiFi.  That worked!  Only problem was that Google is apparently smart enough to check your IP address, so when I accessed from Mykonos, it sent me back the page in Greek!


Anyway, my regular camera was stolen the second day of our  trip -- in the Vatican, ironically.  So the only way to record the memories was with the camera in the KIN.  For the next 13 days, I took over 450 pictures with the KIN.  They were reasonably sharp for a tiny cellphone lens, and the color was great.  Even with all those pictures in memory, there was still over 6GB free.  (I was taking pictures at 1600x1200 resolution.) When I got home, I easily transferred them all to my computer (using the same ZUNE software that doesn't seem to work for anyone else).


One of my favorite features turned out to be the double tap that toggles back and forth between wide angle and 2X -- which would be about "normal" for a 35mm camera.  Exposure was pretty good -- except it didn't handle strong backlight situations very well. The battery held up quite well -- possibly because I had it in airplane mode most of the time since I couldn't use it as a phone over there anyway.  I also habitually turn the screen off between uses.


Bottom line...given this is a cellphone, not a camera, the results were surprisingly good and I'm REALLY glad I had it with me.   




Re: My KIN TWOm saved my vacation
Verizon Employee

Hello !


I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Europe and glad you were able to capture those memorable moments with your KIN TWOm!


Thank you for posting such a great story regarding your experience with your device.  I, too, recently returned from an overseas trip and my mobile phone was my camera.  I was able to capture great pictures for my friends and family see as well.  It is unfortunate your camera was stolen, however, the KIN stepped right in and allowed you to still capture those memorable moments.


Again, thank you for posting!

Re: My KIN TWOm saved my vacation

I think the camera is so good that I have almost abandoned using my Sony Cyber-Shot for everyday and vacation pics