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My Kin One M is way too quiet / not loud enough when it rings

I'm missing a lot of calls because I can't hear my kin onem in my pocket or in a thin fake leather case I keep it in.  Yes I do have it set on loud and I have the vibrator turned on as well.  Often I will hear the vibrator and not the ring.  I know it is capable of playing a louder volume because I can turn it way up when I play mp3s and videos but the loudest ring setting is not heard over car noise or normal conversation.  Any help?

Re: My Kin One M is way too quiet / not loud enough when it rings
Customer Support

I hate to hear that you have BuyersRemorse from your purchase! If you play your ringtones through the phone, do they sound any louder? I would suggest trying different ringtones to see if they play any louder. You can also download ringtones from the VZW Media store or other sites to see if other ringtones play louder on the phone.

Hope that helps!

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