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New Kin TwoM customer - Three questions

We just bought a K2m for my daughter.  So far she's liking it better than the feature phone she got from Verizon last summer. 

From Googling, it looks like the initial setup, where you connect to your Windows Live account, must be done over Verizon's data network - it can't be completed over wifi for some reason.  She already has a Zune, so we'd like to be able to link the phone to her account. 

(1) With a feature phone account (no data) can I turn data on for just 1 month, and then turn it back off without getting stuck and having to keep data  permanently?

(2) If we do a single month of data and get her Live account going, will the phone then work over wifi, or does it always have to have a data plan?

(3) When we try to view Youtube videos over wifi, it looks like everything's working, but then we get an error message saying that the video isn't compatible with the phone's browser.  Is there anyway around this?

Re: New Kin TwoM customer - Three questions
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Hi. I've attached two links you may find helpful. The first is a summary of which services have changed since the Kin Two smartphone was changed to the Kin Twom feature phone. The second is the user manual.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, you can have a data plan for one month only.

2. The new m model Kins can use Wi-Fi only, without a data plan. The two things to watch for though: Make sure you are in fact using Wi-Fi, so you don't rack up per-MB charges, and there have been reports about it not consistently connecting to a home Wi-Fi network. Post back if you have any problems with that; otherwise, there are lots of threads on that topic on the Kin boards. As far as Windows Live, I'm not sure how much integration is possible now with this is a feature phone.

3. I have seen threads about this YouTube problem as well. You might have to dig through the posts on the board for a solution.

I hope your daughter enjoys her phone.

Re: New Kin TwoM customer - Three questions
Customer Support


Thank you to Syndey K for all your suggestions! Kaybracon, the only thing I have to add, is your daughter can go to to make sure she is viewing the mobile version of the site. Hope this helps!

Have a great day!

Katie H
VZW Support
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