Permanent Pin



I just got the Kin OneM and I went into security to set up a pin.  It asked me for my pin number, which I entered, then it asked me to confirm my pin number.  So, then my phone was locked after the screen went off.  Well, I went back into security (prompted for a pin) then turned my pin back off because I didn't think I needed it to be on right then.  I decided later I wanted it back on and when I went in to turn the pin back on, it requested a new pin and asked me to type a second time to confirm.

My problem with this is that anyone can pick up my phone if my pin is not activated and simply set up their own pin number.  I'm not practically worried about this happening, but I know the phone should not work this way.  

Is there anyway to set up a PERMANENT pin for my phone, and not just a temporary one?  In other words, if I take the pin off, I think that should still be the same pin needed when turning the pin back on. 

Re: Permanent Pin
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Hauntingsunset, that's a great question. If you turn off the pin in the phone, there is not a way to setup a permanent pin. You would need to keep the pin turned on in order to save it. You are correct, if you do not have a pin setup and allow someone to use your phone, they would be able to create one then.