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Please Help!! Kin Onem Question!!

So, I just got the Kin one today in the mail-and I'm supposed to bring it into the local Verizon store tomorrow to get it connected to my new number. I've been playing with my phone for a while and using my own wifi connection to browse on the internet.  My question is, is this wifi free? And by free I mean NO data charges, I say this only because I've heard of some sort of imfamous Kb charge. :'( Also, when my phone is activated, will this way to use the internet always be free when I'm using. wifi connection? The thing is, I don't plan on using wifi anywhere other than my home anyways, but I really hope I'm not being charged on it-even with the data block on :smileysad: --- Side note: I went on Youtube and things like that too, did that charge me? Thanks so much for reading this, and I appreciate your help. ☺


Re: Please Help!! Kin Onem Question!!

There are no additional charges for the Verizon Wi-Fi service.

Verizon Wi-Fi service is included with a monthly (postpaid) Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband </OST/OSTdisplay/IM/section/762/15232> or GlobalAccess </OST/OSTdisplay/IM/section/5627/7196> service plan.

Mobile Broadband and GlobalAccess customers are automatically enrolled to access Verizon Wi-Fi. No feature codes or changes to the lines of service are required.

Verizon Wi-Fi usage does not apply toward customers' monthly data allowance when connected to a hotspot.

No monthly reoccurring charges are associated with Verizon Wi-Fi service

Re: Please Help!! Kin Onem Question!!


As far as I can see that just turning Roaming Data off on your phone isn't quite enough! I have been monitoring my data usage since I got my phone and I've noticed a small amount of usage. A lot less than I've actually used so most is being exchanged via WiFi. I don't know what I did to create usage SO:


To block data via Verizon's website do the following:

Log On

Scroll down

Under the "I WANT TO:" and then "PLAN" find and click on "CHANGE FEATURES"

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and find "SERVICE BLOCKS"

Scroll down and click on "BLOCK ALL DATA SERVICES"


They've hidden it pretty well but I found it! I'll be watching my data usage going forward and let everyone know if this stops it altogether. 


- Mark

Re: Please Help!! Kin Onem Question!!

You do not need verizon wi fi you can connect anywhere to a hot spot. If your phone is working Im on two already and this one is funky. It connects but the web pages wont come up, one time You Tube was working next not on my first phone.

Re: Please Help!! Kin Onem Question!!
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Thewarriorchild, you may have a defective Wi-Fi chip. You'll know if you can't connect to email and browser pages won't load when a data block is applied or while testing it in airplane mode. In my experience, if you don't have a data block and your Wi-Fi chip isn't working, you'll think you're using Wi-Fi because it says connected, but you're really using cellular data.