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Possible Cure for Power Down and other issues (Fixed Mine!)

Much to my dismay, my Kin started acting up the other day.  It began with randomly shutting down.  Yesterday, I couldn’t text.  It would shut down when I slid out the keyboard.  If it didn’t shut down at that point and allowed me to go further, it would shut down when I pressed the little green shift key to change to numbers.  When I attempted to press the contacts app, it would shut down.


Called Verizon and was told (like everyone else has been) there is no replacement.  Not happy about this, so I said I would consider my options and get back to them cuz I like this phone and don’t want an inferior replacement.


Well in the middle of the night, I remembered what an AT&T rep had told me to do years ago when I was having trouble with one of their phones.  Simply take someone’s business card you have hanging around the house, cut it in thirds and sandwich one of those thirds in between the battery and the phone (not between the battery and cover).  Then put the cover back on.  You want to make it fit tighter.


Phone is now as good as new!  Hope I am able to help someone else.