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Problem setting up Gmail on KIN TWOm

Very happy with my KIN TWOm - got my Zune setup, go to set up my Hotmail, perfect...but they I try to set up Gmail and it says "Not Set Up - There was a problem setting up your account.  Try again later".  When I call Verizon they tell me, "You must be typing in the wrong email or the wrong password."  It's been the same email for the last 5 years and I check it everyday - I think I've got it down.  When I kept complaining, they sent me to ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT were I was told to pull the battery out and restart the phone...when that did nothing I was told to change my Gmail password.  I wasn't surprised when that didn't work.  After all this I was told I should contact Gmail because it sounds like a problem on their end.  Here's the issue; they didn't make the phone, why would they know how to help?  The KIN website is no more - no help to be found with Sharp or Microsoft, so I guess this is my last chance - Anyone had the same issue, if so how can I fix it?

Re: Problem setting up Gmail on KIN TWOm
Verizon Employee

Hi.  The error you are getting may be because you need to enable settings for the account from Gmail, as POP / IMAP.   To enable POP, you must log into your web account.  Click Settings > Forwarding and POP / IMAP, select Enable POP then click Save Changes.  To enable IMAP, Click Settings > Forwarding and POP / IMAP, select Enable IMAP.


If you still need assistance, please send me a Private Message with your 10-digit mobile number, and I will be happy to help you.


Thank you,




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Re: Problem setting up Gmail on KIN TWOm

You should not need to enable IMAP/POP to use your gmail account w/ the Kin. I personally use gmail, so it is the only email service i can verify works fine with the Kin email app. First, make sure you have an internet connection. That can be wifi, or the 3g network (i would suggest wifi; block 3G is my advice). Once you are sure you have a connection (try connecting to a few pages in the browser; don't rely on the little 3G icon), click on the email app icon, then click the Gmail icon. It will ask for 3 options: a name (i'm not sure if this has to match your email account's name, character for character; but i know mine does, so you might as well enter it as the same name as the one under your gmail account just in case),  the email address (including, and your password, which is case-sensitive, has to include all the symbols/numbers, etc.


It should be as easy as that. The only problem i can see occurring is if your phone isn't actually connected to a wifi connection and has no connection to the internet, or if it does matter that the name you enter has to match the email account's name, but i don't understand why it would have to match, but then again it wouldn't be the first time Microsoft did something unexplainably weird.