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Question to verizon about "m" replacements...

I have been told recently that the first 'm" models you had were simply converted original KINS(loop,spot)  with the new OS built on top of it. Is this correct? Ive also been told that the new "m" models you are sending out no longer have the original OS underneath, that all of that info was wiped from the phone and now, only the new "m" operating system is on them, which may have fixed a few bugs the phone has experienced. If this is true, can we send in our original "m" model phones to have them flashed and have just the "m" OS put back on?


Several Kin "M" owners(hand written) have been able to successfully return their phones back to the original OS(loop, spot, etc) so Im curious if its the two operating systems that can cause the phone to be buggy, poorer video recording, less storage space, etc. And if we can do something about it.