Re: Replacement Phones for Kin2 are a JOKE!

I did that with my oneM.

I got my first one as an upgrade on 7/2011... on 9/2011 it froze and died. Got a replacement and used a Samsung candy bar for a few months before replacing it with the second oneM on 3/2012... now its October and i just switched to another oneM i bought for 60 on ebay... seems to be working well, but I am out of luck if it breaks ( i expect it to go with in a couple of months).

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Re: Replacement Phones for Kin2 are a JOKE!
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That certainly sounds like a string of bad luck with the Kin. I'm glad you were able to find a phone that's working for you now from eBay. We don't have any Kin phones for sale, but we definitely have lots of options for replacements when you don't have a warranty, like our Certified Pre-Owned Program  for example. Or it sounds like you're only a few months away from your upgrade too. Just dial #UPG from your phone to find out your exact date.

If you begin to have trouble with the Kin you're using now, feel free to reach out to us for help with troubleshooting too.


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Re: Replacement Phones for Kin2 are a JOKE!

You are absolutely correct & this is a scam!! The Sharp KIN
TWOm is junk! I have 4 lines on my Verizon service & had 2 of these phones.
Both failed at about the same time with the same problem, Black screen. They lasted
less than 1.5 yrs. Verizon is aware that these phones are junk but refuse to
replace them for free. Their options are for the customer to pay more when they
sold us junk. Also, when I upgraded to these phones you can NOT get the Total
Replacement Insurance only the basic insurance which has a $100 deductable. Well,
you can buy a phone like this off the internet for $40 or Verizon has certified
replacement phones for $100 so to pay for the insurance on this phone is a
complete scam! Verizon you should be ashamed of yourself treating your
customers like this. A credible company would stand behind the products they
sell & your excuse that you don't make the phones is a cop out. You can’t
tell me Verizon couldn't get Sharp &/ or Microsoft to back up this product.
I will be switching to another provider for the principal of the matter. All
Verizon Customer should stand up against this type of practice. I certainly will be
telling everyone I know about this & encourage other customers to do the

Re: Replacement Phones for Kin2 are a JOKE!
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I had one of these phones go bad in about 6 months, got a year or so out of the 2nd one. 

I am back to running an old LG flip phone, which is 6 years old.  I ran the old LG about 2 years prior to getting the KIN.

Luckily I have 2 of the old LGs and chargers for them.

Trying to determine if I want to get a flip phone or the Iphone 4.