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Rehashing the Wi-fi/Data Conundrum

I got my Kin ONEm three days ago, as a free upgrade from my enV3. I was attracted to it because of the Wi-Fi capabilities sans data plan. My sister got the Kin TWOm for her upgrade.


When I got the phone, I had some trouble connecting to my home network, but after a few attempts (right next to the modem, if that makes any difference), it finally accepted my network key and I could browse the internet. (We also had trouble connecting my sister's TWOm to our network, but several attempts got that to work too... finally.)


I was happy for... a day and a half? I realized that I was incurring data charges (which is my fault, I understand, but for what, I'm not sure), so I changed the service blocks online (thanks to this forum for telling giving me the how and why to do that).


This was last night. I blocked all 3G data to avoid the charges for both my Kin ONEm and my sister's TWOm.


Now, my phone will not access the internet. It tells me I am connected to my home network, yet with every page I try to access, I get that "Cannot connect to server" message, and the "Page cannot be displayed" crap.


So I called a Verizon rep. He confirmed that blocking 3G data does not affect the Wi-Fi, just like it has been confirmed on this forum. He gave me the manufacturer's customer support number. I found that pretty hard to navigate, since there is no menu option for talking to someone regarding mobile phones, much less the Kin. So I emailed them.


I just a reply from a Sharp representative, and they told me to talk to Verizon. Awesome.


I am aware that there is a chance that I got a faulty phone, even though that seems a little drastic. But how is it that now my sister's TWOm won't access the internet via our home network? (Just this morning, it was browsing the web just fine.) Has anyone else with the Kin ONEm/TWOm experienced internet access problems after blocking the 3G data (even though it shouldn't affect it at all)? Or is this just a freak tech issue?