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Replying to multiple persons txt

I've been trying to get some info but I haven't ran into anything yet so I'll ask you folks on here.


Whenever I reply to a picture message or txt message that has been sent to multiple people it replies to ALL of them. Now, is there a way to avoid this without replying through a completely different message??? This is actually my fathers phone and I send him picture messages of my daughter all the time but I'm also sending them to friends at the same time so when he replies to me all of my friends are getting the txts and their completely confused by the random # that txts them lol. HELP!


Re: Replying to multiple persons txt

What you or your dad would have to do is on the top of the message received will be a gray bar, showing every contact the message was sent to. Before he or you reply, you touch the gray bar at the top  and every name that was attatched to the text/pic should populate. You will see x's next to the names, x them off and then when you reply, it will be only to the people you want it to.