Samsung Intensity 2 replacement for Kin Onem?

Yesterday I had my Sharp Kin Onem replaced under warranty, and without the Verizon store technician forewarning me, i was sent the Samsung Intensity 2 as an "equivalent" replacement.  I was quite disappointed in this, because even with the Kin's downfalls, it still has the quality touchscreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless capabilities, high resolution camera, video capture, and large memory storage.  The Kin Onem even retailed for more than the Samsung.  I think that it is quite ridiculous that Verizon would discontinue a phone and send the customers an inferior product.  They should be sending a superior product to make up for their mistake in taking on the Kin line.  It would be more fair to replace the unavailable cell with an LG Extravert, since it does have a slightly better camera, touchscreen, and 3.5mm jack.  I also was disappointed in the warranty call center's representative.  She was reluctant to work with me on an upgrade or file a complaint.  I hope that a Verizon Admin sees this post n can possibly help me before i return my warrantied Sharp in the mail. 

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