Signing in to Verizion Community

Every time I try and sign in I am sent to the complete registration page. I've done that numerous times and it keeps coming back my sign on is already in use (DUH) OK I'll play ask for login in name and password and it is exactly as I set it up yet  . The account is activated yet it still keeps me out and then out of nowhere it recognizes I am legit. It is very frustrating.


I'll bet I tried signing in 5 times today and it either sent me to the Complete page or would not let me sign in because I had yet to sign in. AGGH

Re: Signing in to Verizion Community
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I hate getting stuck in that loop. It happens whenever I'm first signed into My Verizon, then try to access the forum. I have to sign out of My Verizon, then go to the home page, then click on Support and Go Directly to the Discussion Forums.

Re: Signing in to Verizion Community
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Fred11 I recommend to try deleting your cookies. To delete cookies using Internet Explorer follow the steps below. 


Click Tools and then click Internet options.


Click Delete in the Browsing History section.


Check: Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History


Click Delete