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Social networking woven into its fabric, KIN takes social to a new level. The ultimate social experience is here!



  • Social is at the core – Social networking isn't a widget or application; it's woven into the fabric of the phone. KIN aggregates feeds from multiple social networks into key experiences like the home screen, contact and camera.

  • Staying in the "Loop" has never been easier – The Loop is your favorite people and the things you love – on your home screen, in real time. You tell KIN who and what’s important, and it delivers the latest updates from your favorite places (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Windows Live).  Spend less time filtering through thousands of friends, and more time enjoying all that is going on.

  • Share it all from one "Spot" – Share almost anything (photos, texts, Web pages) with almost anyone by simply dragging them to a "Spot" on your phone. Since the Spot is always on your screen you don’t have to worry about opening a new application to share and upload.

  • FRIENDS vs. "friends" – KIN is the only phone that lets you prioritize the friends and feeds you care about most.

  • Create Your Own "Studio" – Once you set up the Studio, everything on your KIN phone is also stored in the cloud, allowing you to access pictures, videos, texts and contacts from any Web browser with virtually unlimited storage.  This also means your content is protected and easy to restore on your next phone!

  • There are 2 models, so you can pick the style that works best for you – Want a phone that easily fits in your pocket?  ONE is for you.  Prefer a larger screen, a keyboard, more memory, a higher resolution camera, and the ability to record HD video?  TWO is the way to go.

 Check it out!


Re: Social networking woven into its fabric, KIN takes social to a new level. We let everyone know,
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I'm pretty excited about the Kin are many of my coworkers.


Are there any reference materials regarding the OS of the phone? We heard from a little birdie that apps can be built in Visual Studio and we'd like to see if it is possible to port or create new apps for our organization in order to make a business case allowing us to choose this phone.


Also, can we choose to pay cash price for the phone in order to receive the carrier discount on Windows Phone 7 when it comes out? We have already started to build exclusive software for use on WP7.


Finally, custom software is hard to distribute and there an option to host the software on the market and make it accessible only to our associates and partners?


I am mostly speaking for my own curiosity here but, I would really love to go to my boss with good news and solid foundations for a business case to embrace these phones and WP7.