Sync Contacts from Hotmail?

Has anyone had luck syncing contacts from hotmail to the kin onem?

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When you set up email accounts on your phone, the only contacts that sync automatically are Exchange account contacts. You need to follow a different process to import contacts from Windows Live, Yahoo!, AOL, and Gmail.

  1. First you need to sign into Windows Live on the Social Networking screen to auto-import your Windows Live contacts.
  2. Then you will import your contacts from other email accounts to your Windows Live contacts. The contacts will automatically sync to your phone.

Step 1: On your phone

Sign in to Windows Live:

  1. There are several ways to sign in:
    • Go to the Favorites Home screen and tap All contacts > Accounts.
    • Go to Apps > Contactsand tap Accounts.
    • Go to Apps > Settings, then slide your finger left to view the App setup screen. Then tap Social Networks.
  2. The Social networks sign-in screen appears. Tap the social network you want to sign in to. For the steps below, select Windows Live™ - Live ID. The username you used to sign into your phone is pre-populated.
  3. Tap Saveto sign in. Once you’ve signed in successfully, your contacts and/or feeds will sync to your phone, as applicable.

Step 2: On your computer

Now that you’re signed into Windows Live on your phone, you are ready to import your contacts to Windows Live. Once you do that, the contacts will automatically sync to your phone.

You can use any type of email account, including:
• Branded POP/IMAP email accounts
• Other POP/IMAP email accounts



You’ll need the following information if you have one of the branded accounts (Hotmail, Gmail,

Yahoo! Mail, AOL):

• Your username - The first part of your email address

• Your password - The password you use to sign in to your account.

For other POP/IMAP accounts you’ll also need:

• Incoming server name - This is typically “”.

• Outgoing server name - This is typically “”.


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If you are referring to the original KIN devices, the previous response is accurate, but if you are referring to the recently released devices than the previous post doesn't work.

I don't know why this information continues to be given as advice.  This doesn't work for the new KIN ONEm or TWOm.  This used to work with the original kins, but not the new ones.  So, to answer the question correctly, no.  Nobody has found a way to sync contacts yet, and for that matter the only known way to transfer contacts is in some Verizon stores.


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mcdietz answered it, you can successfully transfer contacts in-stores, that is what i did. One random note with that though, after you get them transferred (more like the store rep), turn your phone off and back on, because before i did that, some contacts were missing from the list (you can still search them though), some bug thats fixed with a restart. Actual verizon stores should be able to get your contacts transferred, i am not so sure about resellers and mini-mall booths, etc.