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Temporarily out of Stock

One day, it was available and the next day, it was out of stock. I went on Chat with a few representatives. One told me it wasn't guaranteed, but she was sure it would be restocked within a week. Another told me that she was positive it would be restocked because they haven't been notified of it being discontinued. And because it says "temporarily." I will just be really disappointed if it doesn't get restocked. I'm tired of looking at phones, and I cannot afford a smartphone. I really like the WiFi capability, and the Kin Twom is the only way I can get that. Anyone else know anything about when it may be restocked? I don't want it to get discontinued :smileysad:


A third rep told me that on his personal list of phones, it is not listed as being retired. So that normally means they are awaiting a shipment. He said that after the 3 day sale, they sold out quicker than they anticipated so he is sure that they wouldn't be discontinued. However, he is not sure when the order will be filled from the manufacturer, hopefully in a week, because they will be ordering about 10,000 more he thinks, which is the usual unless with like iPhones. 


A 4th rep told me quote "Yes, I am sure this phone will come back in stock soon." She said the same thing about the sale.

A 5th rep told me, "Yes, it will be restocked." She doesn't know when though. 


Andddd a 6th rep:

Shawn: Currently Sharp has not provided us with a shipment date for the device to be back in stock.

Shawn: But I believe that it is going to be restocked, we normally get work when a device is no longer being produced.

Shawn: The last sale that we had emptied all the warehouses that we have the device in.

Shawn: It should be back in stock soon.


Sounds reassuring!


So that's 5 out of 6 reps that said they are positive the phone will be restocked soon. Though, none know exactly when. About a week they all said. The 4th told me to sign up for email updates to know when it is available.

It signs you up for special offers, upcoming promotions, customer tips and information, which I don't really need. But she assured me that when phones become available, an email is sent. I will unsubscribe after I order. 


I'm going to stay positive! Hopefully.... they all said the Kin Twom is a high seller, and it is only out of stock at the moment because of a recent sale. We'll see!

Re: Temporarily out of Stock

Same thing has happened to me.  The feature phones literally suck, even the internet pro reviews on the phones are very low and most of the feature phones that are  reviewed  the reviewer gives  their  last comment as "don't buy" .


I do not need a data plan, ( I carry either a Verizon netbook or a notebook for all my internet needs) nor am I comfortable with the charge of a data plan being necessary or is this simply another way for a large company with a large profit margin to stick it to the consumer knowing we have to maintain a cell phone in this day and age?.


I had settled on the KinTwo, the reviews are not glowing but .... r not that horrible either.  It is also the only phone which gives the owner WiFi accessibility.  (which makes me wonder if this is the reason Verizon has pulled it off the market).  From my extensive research the KinTwo is the only feature phone choice.  But..... When I went back to the site to order it was gone, and the VW stores do not carry it.


UGH>  I am so discouraged by the data plans and the extremely high price.  Would someone please tell me what the difference is in my using my Netbook, laptop (notebook) on WiFi and not being charged a data fee?  Or why I can bring Wireless Internet into my home and have all my WiFi accessible electronics connect through my main ISP with an additional fee for each WiFi user????   But I am not able to use a Smartphone this way???


I am serious about these data plans  are they necessary????








Re: Temporarily out of Stock

'Normally when it is not coming back, the phone will just be removed from the site."


This is what one of the reps told me. I hope that is true. 

Re: Temporarily out of Stock

OMG! I need this phone too on Monday my mother was ordering new phones for us and all of a sudden they say it is out of stock! I've been waiting so long to get this phone and then when I do it just had to be out of stock. :smileysad: But IM suppose to get a call if they get more in stock! I really hope they do because I rely like this phone!!!