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Uploading photos to kin

I would like to upload a Jpg image of my emergency contacts and place it on my Kin TwoM title screen.  How do I do this?  I tried to do this through zune but could not find a way to sync with the phone after I had selected the picture.


I am a bit older than a lot of you folks so please walk me way through this slowly.  I find the Zune syncing progam difficult to operate and not very intuitive. 


I wis h that  the phone had an SD card, I at least understand how that works and how to transfer files back and forth with that.

Re: Uploading photos to kin
Sr. Member
Sr. Member
This is a really good idea, baudeagle. Never thought to do this. Anyway, do you have the jpeg in Zune already? Connect your Kin with the USB cable and you should see a Kin icon in the bottom left corner. Drag and drop the photo on the icon. Once you disconnect, open the camera app on the Kin, open the photo, and I believe the option to set as wallpaper will be in the menus on top. Keep in mind, you can only set wallpaper for the unlock screen, but since that is what someone would see when finding your phone, that should suit your needs.
Re: Uploading photos to kin

To upload pictures (.jpeg, etc) to the phone from a computer, use the Zune software to connect the phone and computer, and then there is the icon in the bottom corner. For specifics, refer to the other topic that you have posted. I provided a link on that page, it is the 2nd one. On that thread, i posted screenshots and simple instructions on how to navigate the software.


It is a good idea to have emergency contacts on a phone. Like SydneyK said though, you can only put the picture on your 'title screen' when the phone is locked. This phone doesn't have an actual background when it is in use.


One thing that i might suggest, this is what i do on my phone for emergency contacts, is to add a symbol (* _ # etc.) or even a number in front of those contact's name, and then they will automatically be sorted in the contact list first. I use this for many different categories, but the first of the symbols' sort is emergency. example:

  • *uncle todd
  • *911
  • *mom
  • *Joe
  • *neighbors
  • *action dog
  • _data
  • _minutes
  • #google
  • #chacha
  • 1_mcdonalds
  • 1_olive garden
  • 2_work1
  • 2_work2
  • rest of contacts
  • cont'd

I don't quite have that many, but for things that i want to find in my contacts quickly, that is how i do it. You also have the 'favorites' page, and that can be used for emergency numbers if you don't use it for favorites, but i do use favorites so i can't put more in that way. Sadly, this phone doesn't have contact groups, which is the 'proper' way to do this, but the symbols/numbers work fine for me (my old phone i did this too, it was quite old and this was the simplest way i found to sort contacts how i wanted). There are plenty of symbols to cycle through, just go ahead and test them to see which ones will come before others (what is posted above, with * being first and such, isn't accurate).

Re: Uploading photos to kin

This is a good idea. I think I will save a wallpaper picture that reads similar to, "Limestone's phone. If found please contact (808) xxx-xxxx." Thanks for the tip.