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I just received this phone 2 days ago, and I really dont think I like it so much. I did take some pictures and a few videos and I am trying to figure out how I can get these onto my computer.  i signed up for the $15 data plan 2 days ago and I just received a text from verizon stating I have used up all data?! I didnt think it was possible to use it up so quickly, I sent maybe 2 or 3 pictures to facebook, and checked email- thats all. Im pretty disappointed with verizon in general at this point!! :smileysad:

Re: Uploading pictures/video to computer
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First off, i would like to jsut give some personal input. If you are planning to get a data plan, that allows you to purchase 'smartphones'. There are a few smartphones that are 'free' with a new contract, and i can almost promise you that they will be better than the Kin phones. However, as a 'feature phone', which doesn't require any data plan, the Kin phones are as good as it gets in my opinion.


As far as running out of data: you say you transferred photos to facebook? Have you looked a 'regular' size of a photo? They are rather large...a few megabites each. Say you transfer an album..about 20 pics..that could easily approach nearly 100 mb of data transfer. And that is assuming a 'perfect' transfer, which over the net, it isn't. You have recieving, and sending packages, and i'm sure verizon (and any other provider, for that part) will charge for both. Watching videos can also quickly eat up data. Viewing websites generally is a considerably lower data use. Now, you have to remember that the Kin phones also have wifi, which DOESN'T use Verizon's data networks, it uses the local wireless networks, which verizon can't charge for. You have to manually connect to these, seeing that they are mostly password-protected anyways.


Did you read at what you get for hte $15 data package? It is a good idea to read what you purchase, before you actually do so. The $15 package gives you 150 MB of usage...if you understand the basics about data sizing..you will realize that the given amount before further charges is very little. Like i said above, just a few photo transfers will quickly eat that entire monthly plan up (esp. with the sending AND recieving packets). The $30 data plan gives 5 GB (they call it the 'unlimited' plan still, but it is no longer 'unlimited', just very large, and it is pretty hard to use 5 gig in a month)...and a GB is 1024 MB. So essentially, you get 500x more data. The default 'no data plan' is actually a 'pay-per-use' data plan, charging at $1.99/MB (which, if you can tell, is a ridiculous bill charge, if you even accidentally connect to their network).


Most of the Kin users got the phone because of its capability to connect via wifi. Couple that with no data plan (saves a bunch of money, per month), and blocked data to prevent accidental connections/charges, and the phone is awesome for a feature phone.  If you decided to get a data plan (which you did): i really do recommend that you get a smartphone. I do know they sell 'lower end' smartphones now, the citrus and vortex, but they are considerably better than any feature phone, including the Kin phones. The only thing the Kin phones have over those, is their amazing camera, for a phone.


Know what you are purchasing before you get it. The $15 data plan is very limited, if you are using it regularly, and solely relying on that. If you are using wifi '90%' of the time, and just using the data for when you are out of a wifi connection for quick page checks, and no videos or pic uploads, then you should be completely fine with 150 MB.  Say, if you are constantly on a school campus, or another place where they have widespread wifi connection, it should be plenty. But again, i suggest for the Kin phones, and any feature phone, stick with no data plan. If you want a data plan, get a 'smartphone'. They restrict all of their 'good' phones to smartphone pricing simply because they want you to pay that extra $15 or $30 a month for a data plan, so if you are already meeting that, why not get one?


And as far as verizon goes, just fyi, in my opinion, Verizon is hands-down the best cell (and now, data) network out there. And pricing-wise, for data sizes and whatnot, most other phone companies are going to be priced at about hte same range (out of the big 4 at least, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile; t-mobile is slightly cheaper, and other smaller companies, like cricket, are considerably cheaper, but don't expect their coverage to be comparable to these 4 major network companies). I am glad that i could snatch up a Kin Twom while they were out, because i am in that market that simply either didn't want a data plan, and/or couldn't afford it. It serves me well, and i am satisfied.


For an in-depth FAQ and review of the phone, go ahead and read this guide i wrote for the phones:


Re: Uploading pictures/video to computer
well a data plan isnt reqiured to use kin anymore, my suggestion is to use wifi when ever possible. As for getting videos and pictures onto your computer you have to use the zune software, get it at www.zune.net
just connect your kin to your pc after you install zune and your computer should see it and zune software will take you through a few setup steps (you can skip them but it also has an option to sync your videos to your pc automatically) afterwards you can click on the "phone" button at the top and it will show your phone on the scrren. Click on the pictures or videos tab and click and drag your videos or pictures to the pc icon and it will copy them to your pc. To find them just click on 'cillection' and then click onto 'videos' or 'pictures' and they should be there (along with other videos and pictures you have on your pc). hope this helps you out a little