Why Won't My Kin 2 get recognized by my PC or software?

I broke my charger so I'm using my mothers charger and it worked before when I used it now its not working at all , What should I do in order for my kin 2 to get recongized by my computer ? Because I've been trying to put music on it for a long time now but it won't work . Can I go get a new charger from Verizon for free?

Re: Why Won't My Kin 2 get recognized by my PC or software?
Verizon Employee

Hello crewLOVE,


I'm sorry to hear about your charger. May I ask what is broken on the charger? If it's a mechanical issue and the Kin Two is still in warranty then we can replace the charger free of charge. If the manufacturer's warranty has elapse or if there is physical damage to the charger then there would be a cost associated with replacing the charger. What make & model device does your mother use. I'm assuming that her charger uses the microUSB post as well. Have you tried to plug in your Kin Two into the charger while the battery is removed from the device? If the device lights up then the charging port to the device is functioning properly. If not then the issue is with the charger. 


Is this the same charging cable that you are using to connect your Kin Two to the computer? If so then below are a few steps that you can try to help the computer recognize the device.


  • Plug device into another USB port on the computer to confirm that the original USB port is malfunctioning.
  • Verify that there isn't any driver conflicts. This step will vary based on what computer operating system that you have?
  • Check anti-virus software to ensure that the device connection to computer isn't being blocked. 


If your computer recognizes your phone after confirming that the issues above doesn't exists then congratulations. If not then please advise of your findings so I can further assist.


Thank you...