Wi-Fi not working

I have had my Kin Onem for a few weeks, and the Wi-Fi was working fine the first week I had it.  But now when I connect to Wi-Fi at home and I try to connect to email and the web, it comes up with an error message of connection problem even though it appears to be connected to wi-fi?  Does anyone have that problem and have any solutions?

Re: Wi-Fi not working
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I used to have issues with hooking up to wifi, especially in regards to zune pass, but my fix worked for me so perhaps it will for you. Do you charge the phone to 100 percent? As in turn it off and charge? I used to have issues when I didnt do this and when I started doing this, the phone works amazingly fast and properly, especially on that full charge.


Basically, when your phone has reached 100, disconnect and turn it on. Then immediately go to your wi fi, connect, and start cruising the web.(even if for 2-3 mins) For some reason, Ive noticed that after the phone locks onto the wifi signal when its fully charged, it easily connects to the wifi on lower battery settings. Since doing this, i have not had one issue with wifi, and that includes playing HQ youtube videos off my phone among other things. (like zune pass actually working now!) Give it a try.