WiFi & battery usage
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OK, here's one for any engineering types out there...

I know that if I leave WiFi turned on while I'm out driving around, it will use battery power to scan for a new WiFi signal every several seconds.  So when I'm out and about, or at a location with no WiFi, I generally turn WiFi off to conserve the battery.

But what about when I'm at a location (like at home, a Starbucks, etc) where it stays connected to a single network?  If I'm not actively using the WiFi, and e-mail synch is set to Manual, does it still scan from time to time, or otherwise use battery power?  Or once it's connected, does it just assume the connection is still there unless/until a transmission fails?

In other words, if I stay in one place where I'm connected to a WiFi network, is there any battery saving benefit to turning off WiFi?


Re: WiFi & battery usage
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Not sure if this will answer or not, but when my phone was working properly, I would leave my WIFI on (since I was at home) all day.  It did not use up any more battery power than normal.  Heck I used to leave it on 24/7 and it still would last 2 1/2 days.  But it should not use any more battery power if you are connected.  At least mine never did.