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are these common problems?

I am now on my second kin 2m phone because the first one developed so many problems (the guy at the VZ store didn't even seem surprised and didn't even try to fix it before having a new one sent to me).


Now my second device is starting to act up. Are other people having these same problems?


-Main button doesn't always work when you press it (I'd say it does its function 1/2 the time, other 1/2 of the time nothing happens)


-Phone doesn't always ring (works fine on vibrate though)


-Email completely stopped working


-I can only use my phone as a touch tone phone while dialing verizon voicemail! When on voicemail, if I lower phone from my ear, I get a number pad to reappear on the screen that I can use for menu prompts. However, if I call any other number, this does not happen so I can't navigate thru automated phone menus.


-Main "wallpaper" either the canned welcome message or picture you select yourself...has disappear and now is just a black screen.


Do these phone just self-destruct after a month or two? That's the sense I get.


IF the reports of discontinuation are true, what happens if I need another replacement? WIll VZ let me get a difference phone?

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Re: are these common problems?

I have has issues of my phone turning on and off by itself. I called verizon, as well as went into the store, and the only option was to send me a Samsung Intensity since Kin is out of stock? i haveyet to activate Intensity, though, since it seems hardly comparable to the Kin.

Re: are these common problems?
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Good Morning! I'm sorry to hear that your phone is not behaving itself! I'm happy to help you with getting these issue resolved. 


For the email concern, I recommend removing the email account and re-adding it. Also, a quick soft reset may resolve the other issues you're experiencing. With the phone powered on, simply remove the battery for about 10-20 seconds, put the battery back in and power on again!


In regards to any concern that continue, please PM me for assistance!


Thank you!

Re: are these common problems?

I sent a PM almost a week ago as directed and haven't heard back from anyone! Why ask me to send one then?