cannot sent pic message
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I have had this phone since June with few problems (aside from it being completely aggravating).


When I first got the phone I had a few data charges & found the information on turning off 3G. I turned it off, little status screen said 1G, no charges. All was well.


Two weeks ago I noticed I had some data charges again. Looked back at the message boards. People said, turn off data on your account. I went in to my account online & turned off data. Had someone send me a test pic test. It came through, all was well.


I noticed yesterday that my little status box now says 3G again. Looked up the instructions for the special menu & turned off 3G (did this several times & tried several reboots). The little status box still says 3G.


I tried to send a pic through text this morning & get the following message:


Can't send the message without a connection. Try again once you're connected.


I tried several times. I then went online to my account & turned data back on. Still cannot send pics.





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