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cant get it to email photos anymore

it says sending message but never shows up. It used to show up in my email.

I have tried it using 3 different contacts.


What I did was setup a contact

put in a phone number and an email

goto messages  select new

select the one i want to send a message

select addselect add photo

select photo, the picture shows in the list.

select the photo it shows in the message

then type something

then click send.


It will say sending message, but message never appears.

Re: cant get it to email photos anymore
Not applicable

Does the message eventually send?  Does it stay at sending?  Have you tried to create a separate contact for the email address or manually type in the email address and send it that way?  Also, are you having issues sending regular picture messages to phone numbers, or is it just email addresses?


Let us know if this is still going on and what other steps you have taken to fix this. 

Re: cant get it to email photos anymore

I got it to send only ny manually typing in my email address.

I am sending to email accounts

I think It always wants to send to a phone MMS picture message type thing.


I set up contacts with real house phone and real emails, Never arrives.

I set up contact with fake phone number and real email, never arrives.


For only one week I managed to send email photos to my inlaws email, He does not have a wireless phone just a house phone and email account. So I thought that worked pretty good but a few weeks later and it stopped sending him the photos.

Meaning one week I sent hime 20 pictures, a few week later using the same exact contact I used before in the phone, he did not get them. It always says sending, but where do they go??


It always seems to work if I manually type in an email adress. I dont want to do that, I want to use my contact list. It is not easy to keep typing in email adresses, why have to do that when they are in the contact list?


I tried sending a bunch of photos to myself using my house phone contact name and email.

It always said sendin message but never arrived. So I gave up and typed in my email adress, it popped up with my same contact name and then I recieved them in my email account.


Perhaps it is buggy and unreliable, works some times, does not work other times.

Re: cant get it to email photos anymore

So why will it always work IF I type in an adress (painful) BUT mostly not work when I use my contact list?

If anyone knows the secret.....


To me what makes sense is If you say send EMAIL, then the phone should always use the EMAIL adress listed in the contact information for that individual.

AND it should tell you if it cant send it. I mean where does it go when it says sending  but they or me  never get it in theor EMAIL account?

Perhaps it is flaky and does not work when I tried it a few days ago. Perhaps now it will work, the perhaps next week it wont work again. That is how I feel about the issue.


Plus there seems to be at least 2 different ways to send a picture, from the contact list and from the camera. Only one of those options gives you the choice of MMS or EMAIL sendng.


Re: cant get it to email photos anymore
Verizon Employee

Hello sdowney717 ,


It sounds as if this issue has really been frustrating, and I completely understand. I am sure that I will be able to resolve this for you. However, we will need to complete some troubleshooting steps. Please respond to a private message that I will be sending you, in order to assist you further.