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how to turn off music?

New to kin twom- sorry if I overlooked it in the manual or in another post but how do you turn off the mp3 player (other than the obvious turn off phone)? Thanks.

Re: how to turn off music?

i don't think there is an actual 'turn off'; what i think happens, is when you pause the music, after a while of not using it, it will stop the player automatically. I haven't tested it as to if when you go back in, it remembers the song/place you were, but even if it does, i think it just places a memory 'marker' there but does turn it off in the mean time.


If anyone else that uses the Zune player of the phone more and has more info, please provide it.

Re: how to turn off music?

This is done by deleting the song(s) from the playlist on the PLAYLIST screen ONLY. 

WARNING!!!: Do not delete songs when in any other screen than PLAYLISTS, or the song(s) will be deleted from the player.

1. Go to the Music & More screen.

2. Scroll to the PLAYLISTS header (it will be brighter than the other headers when you select it) and notice the NOW PLAYING header (it will show how many songs are in the playlist) under that and select it by touch.

3. Touch the X in the circle and it will clear the playlist by deleting the songs from it. The NOW PLAYING header will now show

 "0 Songs". When you return to the home page the volume adjustment box will no longer have the Music tag.

Hope this helps! - jack


Re: how to turn off music?

like fisharefriends said, you just press the pause button. i use the zune player on the kin twom all the time since my main mp3 player broke.