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incoming text message pops up on screen

When I receive a text message it pops up on my screen and I'd like this feature to NOT show the there any way to make that not happen?

Re: incoming text message pops up on screen

unfortunately it doesn't seem like you can stop the message from being shown on the pop up bubble. if you enable pin lock, you can hide the text in the new notifications when it's in screen lock (go to settings, enable pin lock, then more options will pop that will let you do this) but this means that you'll have to type in the pin number every time you want to use the phone Smiley Sad


here's the link to the manual if you want to check it out yourself:

Re: incoming text message pops up on screen

That's not quite true. I think today is your lucky day, cause it is possible. 


The option itself is within settings>screen lock>pin&security

From there, set a pin, then it will then give you 2 options: message display, and time to lock. Message display is what you are looking for. It is simply a slider on/off, just turn it off, and then when your phone is locked, new messages will no longer display. You will simply get a bubble saying '# new messages', instead of the quick preview texts like usual. Now, turn pin-lock off. The option for message display stays off, and you just get the bubbles saying '# new messages'.  I have no idea why they keep this part only available once you add a pin, but you can hide them. My guess is, it is bug, but this time, it is a good bug that works for the user.

Re: incoming text message pops up on screen


You should turn your message display off to prevent new messages from popping up when your phone is in lock mode. I have provided complete instructions below on how to turn the display off. 


Message display - By default, new message notifications will pop up when your

screen is in PIN lock, showing new message text. If you want to hide the text in

new message notifications during screen lock, turn this setting off.

Time to pin-lock - If you’ve set PIN lock on, then you can choose a timeout that

starts once your screen has locked. Choose from:

• instant (default setting) - PIN lock will begin as soon as your screen locks.

• 1 min - PIN lock will begin 1 minute after your screen locks.

• 5 mins - PIN lock will begin 5 minutes after your screen locks.

• 15 mins - PIN lock will begin 15 minutes after your screen locks



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