kin assign IP manually?

curoius if it can be done.

I had 2 routers one as an AP DHCP off

other router DHCP on but for some reason, the router functioning as an AP would not assign any IP to the phone

Re: kin assign IP manually?
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I haven't found a way yet.  I have looked through all the settings in the hidden service menu, but still haven't had any luck.  I have been able to view all of the details of all the networks that I have connected to by having the log files emailed to me (again through the service menu), but even with those haven't found a way to manually set the ip.

Re: kin assign IP manually?
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Connect to a network
1 Tap a network to connect to it.
2 If required, you’ll be prompted to type a password. Networks secured with passwords display a padlock next to their signal strength.
3 You can manually connect to a network that’s not listed by tapping Other.
4 Once connected, you’ll see the connection status below the Wi-Fi setting name, and when you open the Dashboard you’ll see the connected signal strength in the top row.
5 If you tap the connected network on the Wireless settings screen, you can choose to forget this network, which means you won’t connect automatically when the network.
Routers with  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) tend to work best with the device.