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kin onem messages problem HELP


I was charging my phone and it died when it was halfway charged, which has happened once or twice before. But then it would not turn on, so I took the battery out and put it back in and it started. Now the newest messages are at the bottom instead of the top, and I can't see any new recieved or sent messages since it stopped working. I can only see the latest message which shows up in the text menu and the text conversation that was already there. I've tried restarting and taking out the battery and nothing seems to work.


what is going on? and how can I fix it?


Also, not sure if this is important but the battery smells like mildew? Water has never touched it, or anything, in fact I have only taken it out twice since i've had the phone, so I don't know if the battery is just supposed to smell like that or if something's wrong.

Re: kin onem messages problem HELP

I think the smell thing is important with the battery because I just received the replacement for my droid charge. the replacement def booted up great without lag (which was one of my issues). Another known way to replicate my old issue was to go to camera, put flash ON and take a pic or a few. This did the same thing as the old phone where it turns off immediately and cannot be restarted until you take the battery in and out. It will boot back up but you can smell the odor on the phone and battery lingering. That smell is usually from overheating batteries or phone being fried. I currently left the battery out and waiting for the rep to contact me back because I much rather not have the battery screw up the replacement also.

I recommend getting in contact with VZW if you haven't already, emphasize the battery smell issue and get them to replace your phone and battery (batteries are not sent out normally for replacement).

Hope this helps!