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kin twom wifi/ updates software

i just got my kin twom today and i have been trying to connect to wifi at my school but it wont pick up the schools network, i have data turned off because i cant have a data plan rght now does that effect it at all?


and i was wondering why my phone wont let me finish the set-up it says that the kin server couldnt be connected to, how can i fix that problem?


Also my software isnt up to date as i have read some post as i think

 my software version is 1.0 (2814.0)

is that up to date or do i need to update it??

Re: kin twom wifi/ updates software

The WiFi function is independent of the Verizon data network function. Just check your wireless settings to make sure you have WiFi turned on.


If WiFi is turned on and it won't  find your school's  wireless setup, there are a couple of things you can check.  First, the KIN only supports the "g" wireless standard. If your school is using the newer "n" standard, then the KIN will not recognize it.  If this was a home router, you could tweak the router settings to allow it to work --  but it's unlikely that the school is going to do that.


If the network is "g", then you'll need to find out if it broadcasts its SSID (that's the name of the network).  If it doesn't , then you'll need to find out what the  name is, and enter it into the wireless settings yourself.


The rest of your note leads me to believe that you have the older  KIN TWO, not a KIN TWOm.  The software on my KIN TWOm, with no updates added, is ver 1.0.1 (4704.0).  Also, there is no longer a "kin server" that I'm aware of. The online services that were part of the original KIN package no longer exist as far as I know.  Check your apps to see if you have a calendar.  If you don't, then you have the old software load. If you obtained your phone from Verizon, then you might want to contact them about the software load. If you got it from some other source, then I'm not sure if there is any way of updating it.