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phone turns of randomly

My kin twom turns off randomly and I have to turn it back on. Sometimes the phone will be fine for a few hours then turn off then I have to turn it back on and it will be fine for another couple hours and other times it just keeps turning off everytime I try to use it. I have taken out the battery and put it back in but nothing has helped. Currently, Verizon is out of stock on the kin twom. If I have to change phones what would be my best option?

Re: phone turns of randomly

I have had the same issue! My phone even went as far as to delete my contacts. I called the warranty center and they sent me the Samsung intensity as my replacement. However, it does not seem comparable, in my opinion, to the Kin. There is no touch screen or WiFi. Not to mention the quality of the pictures being hardly anything like the Kin. Since they have been out of the TwoM, however, this is the "backup phone." I was so frustrated with the phone turning on and off, though, I didn't know what else to do but to have them send the intensity.


Another option might be to call Sharp, the manufacturer, and send your Kin back to them. This also means being without a phone for two weeks...They told me that I can also delete all the content from my phone through Settings-About My Phone.  Not sure if that works, as I was very hesitant to delete everything from my phone. 


 Sorry if this isn't much help, but thought I'd let you know what I had to go through with little to no solution.


Good luck. I will be checking back as well to see if anyone else has a suggestion.