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sortof solved kin wifi connection problem with youtube

I got this phone and read youtube videos could be watched.

I have 2 802.11g  wireless routers on the home network

upstairs router is a Gateway which handled all the IP assignments

downstairs is a Netgear configured as an AP with DHCP OFF

This worked for a couple of years just fine with XP and Vista  laptops.


First few minutes of phone use

gateway router, the phone connected, browsed, played youtube ok

netgear router, the phone  connected, browsed, played youtube ok

I thought wow, great it does work.

after an hour, then something happened with netgear router

connected, browsed, no youtube. Phone said could not play the video!

then finally after a while kin2m just connected, no browse, no youtube.


OK, looking at phone IP assignment, all zero, connected but no ip address.

Phone will stll work on gateway router. Give kin2m a long time just sitting there on the netgear router and an ip address will be assigned which is NOT related to my home network at all, just a weird useless IP which I have seen XP do as well when connection issues are happening.


So, yanked out netgear router, put in brand NEW Verizon 802.11g westell rougter

kin2m connected, browsed, NO youtube. Kin2m would browse to youtube video, click to play, would say loading for maybe 15 seconds, then kick out without even an error listed! Impossible situation, totally frustrating.

I was extremely annoyed now.


Got Netgear router reset to factory defaults. setup router so it has DHCP ON this time.

kin2m connected, browsed and played youtube.


My XP laptop never had any trouble connecting and playing youtube while all this strangeness was ongoing with the routers and that bugged me. I had to totally redo the network just to get the kin2m to work properly.

And since now the Netgear router is assigning IP numbers separate from my other network, FILES DONT SHARE across the 2 separte networks. But the kin2m can play youtube videos.


Thoughts anyone?


Re: sortof solved kin wifi connection problem with youtube

You have described the issues I am having to a tee. I will have to check my router when i get home.(I can connect  to another open network in my building and Youtube plays just fine)

 I only have one router so I would not be having any issues with mis-communication between two separate routers but I will definitely be checking my DHCP settings.

Thanks for posting this.

Re: sortof solved kin wifi connection problem with youtube

Yeah, I am also getting the same problem with playing youtube videos.... the whole loading for 15 seconds thing followed by unexpectedly kicking me back to the youtube html page without an error message or anything! 

I have tried on two different secured wireless g routers and still no luck. Thanks for the posts, I was starting to think it could have been just me. 

Have never had troubles browsing though!