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sync for contacts

Under reviews, someone posted this,

"I Exported mine from Back-Up Assistance and Imported them into Windows Live Mail and then Synced that with my phone."


I have imported all of my contacts into my windows live (hotmail) account, but can't figure out how do I sync my KIN with Windows Live Mail?  I can't find any info on that.



Re: sync for contacts
Sr. Member

When you set up email accounts on your phone, the only contacts that sync automatically are Exchange account contacts. You need to follow a different process to import contacts from Windows Live, Yahoo!, AOL, and Gmail.

  1. First you need to sign into Windows Live on the Social Networking screen to auto-import your Windows Live contacts.
  2. Then you will import your contacts from other email accounts to your Windows Live contacts. The contacts will automatically sync to your phone.

Step 1: On your phone

Sign in to Windows Live:

  1. There are several ways to sign in:
    • Go to the Favorites Home screen and tap All contacts > Accounts.
    • Go to Apps > Contacts and tap Accounts.
    • Go to Apps > Settings, then slide your finger left to view the App setup screen. Then tap Social Networks.
  2. The Social networks sign-in screen appears. Tap the social network you want to sign in to. For the steps below, select Windows Live™ - Live ID. The username you used to sign into your phone is pre-populated.
  3. Tap Save to sign in. Once you’ve signed in successfully, your contacts and/or feeds will sync to your phone, as applicable.

Step 2: On your computer

Now that you’re signed into Windows Live on your phone, you are ready to import your contacts to Windows Live. Once you do that, the contacts will automatically sync to your phone.

Re: sync for contacts

note: above solution ONLY applies to KIN ONE and KIN TWO that were on sale before June, 2010 and REQUIRE data plan.


for solutions to KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm (on sale NOW and NO DATA requirement), please type the contacts in yourself.

Re: sync for contacts

MorganB: Did you really write this on December 5th?! This would have been a great answer 6 MONTHS AGO! It no longer applies!

Why are the worst answers coming from Verizon employees? 

Re: sync for contacts

They are sorely misinformed by those above them..and so on. What a shame.

I think that we are on our own here. This is a dead phone that will not be getting any support or updates. I would be incredibly surprised if any updates are forthcoming for this device. I knew this when I bought it. Everything I read pointed to Verizon and MS getting rid of a warehouse full of these phones. And that's ok, as I knew that going in.

What Ireally hope for is that the users of his phone enjoy this device, overcome it's limitations, and become an active vocal community, thereby telling Verizon that a nice phone with WiFi access and no required data plan is something they can give to it's customers...and something they really wanted. Hopefully more phones like this will be available in the future.

In the meantime, we need to help each other out to find the best solutions possible to overcome the restrictions of this phone.

Can someone figure out a way to put Android on this thing??:smileyhappy:

Re: sync for contacts

It seems that jcr had limited succes in importing at least the numbers from a hotmail account. check it out here:


And here is the pasted post from jcr on that page..


Re: kin ONEm: uploading contacts from backup assistant?

I backed up my contacts using backup assistant and exported them to a csv file.  I setup a hotmail account and imported them into the hotmail contacts.  I have had no success at logging into the site, but I was able to use the browser on the Kin to go to my hotmail site and open my contacts.  I was able to add the contact to my phone from there.  It loaded the phone number but I still had to enter names and other info"

I already manually loaded my contacts...but maybe this will work for someone else too.