Fios having connectivity issues with some sites/apps


Hello I have a gig Fios connection. Since last week I am having issues where a particular site or app will refuse to load, the biggest being youtube app on my android TV. It loads a page and once I start browsing around it shows the loading circle for a long time and then it loads the rest of the content.

Same thing happens on my iphone connected to wifi, if i search something on google, it sometime doesn't search at all, but if i close the tab open a new one and search it works.

What I have noticed is all these issues go away as soon as I connect to VPN, everything runs smoothly without any hang ups.

I thought maybe it was the issue with verizon DNS, so I switched DNS on my router to google, cloudflare and others for testing but that did not help. The only surefire solution is to connect to VPN. But I can't use netflix, amazon prime video etc while connected to VPN, so I am having to switch between VPN and no VPN based on what I am trying to do.

Has anyone faced something similar? What could be causing this? And what should I try to resolve this?

Thank you for your help in any way!


To reboot the ONT, find the power supply and disconnect it from the outlet it's plugged into. If the ONT has a battery, disconnect that as well. That's all you need to do to reboot it.

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