Port forwarding not working after firmware update


I have a Verizon CR1000A router, with firmware version When I try to forward a port (25565) it makes me enter a "Fwd to" address. But it doesn't accept, or any address that I know of that would open the port to the internet.

Here is an image of the message "Error: The IP address specified is invalid" that happens when I click "Add to List":


I tried restarting the router and restoring it to factory default. I tried turning it off and on again. Also tried using other browsers. Didn't work. Anybody know any workarounds?

Answer technically forwards it to the router's loopback interface, which would be invalid since the router itself is not behind a NAT. The router itself would only be applicable to the firewall rules.

What if you give your PC a DHCP Reserved IP address, and fill that in? The router should be expecting a 192.168.x.x type of address.

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