4G network outage for the past 2 weeks
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I understand the weather has been bad lately around the Atlanta area, but that is no excuse for 4G outage for 2 whole weeks or so.

I bought a 4G phone so i can use 4g NETWORK not the on again off again 3G.

I cannot get on the internet without using my wifi.

this phone is a piece of trash anywhere outside of my home because i cannot get on the internet.

fix this place.



Re: 4G network outage for the past 2 weeks
Verizon Employee

Hi Alyssa,

I understand your discontent for any data connectivity issues you have experienced; I have checked my resources and I can assure you that no data issues are reported for you area and you should be able to connect to our data network. I recommend trying a few things to resolve data network connectivity issues going forward.

1 - Turn Airplane mode on for 10 seconds and then turn it off. http://goo.gl/He8XH

2 – Disable data for 10 seconds and re-enable. http://goo.gl/oGHeG

3 - Enable data roaming (no roaming charges while in the United States). http://goo.gl/LF0yD

4 - Reset data connection and reprogram phone by removing/reinserting SIM card. http://goo.gl/kvt4e

I trust that the above steps will restore your data connection. Please note that our 3G and 4G networks are compatible and is normal for your phone to connect to the 3G network when the 4G network signal is weak or impacted by factors such as material structures (indoor), network traffic, etc.


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