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App switch toggle problems

Since the second recent update, I've had some problems with my phone. The first was a battery drain issue that's been partially rectified...but I'm having real issues with app switching lately. Approximately 50% of the time, when I try to switch apps (by holding the home button), it screws up and takes me to the home screen it was last on. The apps pop up for a split second, and then it just goes to the home screen. I had to do a reset because the phone almost melted and burned my hand while it was being completely unusable...and it's had the app switching problem both before and after the reset. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Re: App switch toggle problems
Sr. Leader

It seems to me that every OTA (over the air) update causes issues and that usually the only fix for me is an update performed by VZW at their facilities that the replacement phones come from.  I almost believe that each OS update no matter the size or detail requires a replacement.  Too bad the only way to buy a phone is to buy a new one each contract renewal as there are never any new models in the certified preowned store section.  I always end up with several replacement phones every 2 year period. I've gotten to where I buy a case and 10 screen protectors on day one, knowing I'll need almost every SP by the end from exchanging units. FWIW, I have never had a successful update. I always update then begin logging the errors and a few days later I wind up calling VZW and we do the replacement process again.  I've gotten to hate hearing about updates that fix problems and never get excited about OS upgrades and such anymore. Another issue is that VZW does not let us update via the PC to phone software that manufacturers include but VZW denies access to.  A local PC insralled update is usually cleaner than an OTA downloaded update.  Like I've stated to most here, best replace the phone if you still have your 1 year window or if you have Asurion.  Youll be stuck in a Factory Reset forever otherwise, and since the updates change the recovery partition, there's no fixing the problem.  It seems all my answers lately involve replacements.

Re: App switch toggle problems
Customer Support

Those are definitely concerns that were not intended to be part of the update, dgcamero. A reset was a great idea, since some of the applications may not mesh properly after an update without being refreshed. With the phone getting that hot too, I'd like to recommend bringing your phone and any charging accessories into a Verizon Wireless store for a hands-on evaluation. A representative will be able to determine the next best step to ensure you have a working phone in hand. 


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