Bluetooth, Music pausing, Visual Voicemail, Random resets

All of these are problems...

Bluetooth will sync my phone to car stereo or headphones and work perfectly but after 10 minutes and sometimes immediately, the bluetooth stays connected but I lose the ability to to change songs, pause or control volume via the bluetooth device (car radio, remote or headphones).  Always have to re-sync and sometimes that doesn't always work.

Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, Songza all will just pause a song for no reason randomly throughout my listening session.

Advanced Visual voicemail constantly says it is looking for a data connection.  The error messages constantly stop my applications or cause them to shut down. 

Sometimes my phone will just automatically shut down and restart on its own.

Let me say, I have already done the cache cleanings and master resets...  there are rumors of a patch for many of these issues that come from LG but not Verizon but I have not been able to find them.

Any solutions?

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