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Cannot install to USB or SD Card error when updating apps

This error started about 3 weeks ago.  I have not installed any new apps.  The phone lets me move apps from the phone to the SD card but gives me the above error when it attempts to update the apps. 

I have moved all the apps from the SD card, removed the SD card and did a disk check on it with my PC and found no errors on it.  I remounted and reformatted the card in the Revolution, moved the apps back to the card and still get the error.  I have used a second card and still get the error. So, it is obviously NOT the SD card.  Any ideas?

Re: Cannot install to USB or SD Card error when updating apps
Verizon Employee

Hello a1trainer,

I'm just a tad bit confused as to what the issue is on what you are having? After reading your post twice, it sounds like the issue is with updating the apps. If this is the case then may I ask what app(s) are giving you this error message? Do you get the error message when the app is not on the memory card and is on the device's memory? I have posted some troubleshooting steps for you to try to get this issue resolved. Please see below:

  • Remove the memory card from the device and attempt to update the app(s)
  • Check available device memory on the phone.
  • Make more device memory available.
    • Erase long threaded text messages.
    • Delete any unused apps, pictures, videos, music, etc.
  • Check for software updates on the device's operating system in the Settings Menu.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the problematic app to the device.

Once you have tried the steps above then retest to ensure that the app(s) are functioning properly and that the app update is able to execute successfully. If this is not the case then as a last resort, you can try a factory data reset. The steps on how to perform the reset is in the link below.

As we all may know, a hard reset does erase all information from the device. Please be sure to archive such information like contacts and calendar entries. Backup Assistant is an excellent app to have your contacts saved and Gmail account is one of the easiest method to save your calendar entries. After the reset, the device would need to be reactivated. There is a brief tutorial on the device on how to do so. Once the device is setup then retry the apps once again for functionality. If the problem persist then please reply to this message with your findings.

Thank you...


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