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Data Usage

Just entered the 21st century, and was told that if I have wi-fi in home that my android phone can pick up the wi-fi and use that for internet/etc. and I wont be charged for using my limited data. How can I be certain that I am in fact using the wi-fi and not being charged/using my data allocation. While my data usage is minimal it seems I am using data from my allocation as opposed to "free" home wi-fi use. My phone does indicate that it is connected to my home WIFI.

Re: Data Usage

I would suggest turning OFF your mobile network connection on the phone to avoid any accidental connection to the cellular data network.

The android phone have a WiFi sleep policy in them.  If it is not set a certain way, the phone can turn off the wifi radio while the phone screen is off and it is in standby mode.  This will cause the cellular data connection to become active again and background data transfers can occur.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Data Usage
Customer Support

Well welcome to the century, Xerox. You're going to love it here. *smile* Your device certainly has the ability to connect to WiFi. Even better, while you're connected to WiFi, you're not using any data provided with your plan. You will always know that you're connected to WiFi when the 4G logo disappears from your phone and the WiFi logo appears. Check out this simulator, it provides step by step instructions...;q=Connect the revolution to WiFi;q1=Support;x1=p1 Let me know if you need additional assistance. ^CM

Re: Data Usage

For the LG Revolution, you have to disable the data (go into settings, wireless and networks, to make sure that it will use the wifi.  This happened to me when I first started using the LG, and, working with Tech Support, we determined that was the only way to make sure you were pulling data through the wifi only.