Factory reset isn't working on my Revo!!

I was beginning to create a backup for my phone, as I have learned the hard way that LG Revolutions need to be reset somewhat frequently.

I tried to back it up, and it shut off instead. It looked as if it was about to reboot, but instead it got stuck on the LG boot-up screen. I restarted it multiple times, and one time left it for 30 minutes to see if it would change, but nothing happened.

I then tried to boot up in safe mode several times, again to no avail.

Finally, I resigned myself to a factory reset, but it wouldn't even do that! After holding the power and volume-down buttons, the reset screen came up as normal. I then pressed the power button twice, as directed by the phone, but it just went back to the LG screen. It stayed like that until I pulled the battery nearly 40 minutes later.

I have since attempted more than 10 resets, every time hoping that something different will happen.

Well played Verizon, you have made me the literal definition of insane.

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Verizon Employee

Hi jandern3,

I am sorry to learn that you are not able to reset/power on your phone. It seems like you have done every thing I would recommend to reset/power the phone on. Please be assured that we'll be happy to process a Certified Like New Replacement as per the one year warranty (Does not apply if liquid/physical damage).

Please note that Removing/Reinserting the SIM card reprograms your phone. I don't see that you have tried that in your post. Please give it a try as it may resolve the issue.


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