Fluctuating Signal lte dbm's on LG G2

Hello Everyone.

I just purchased a LG G2 on Monday, I received it yesterday, and I have been having problems with significant lte dbm's fluctuations.  I switched from an HTC One, which gets a good solid signal at the house, between -76 to -81 dbm's of lte. Even in the basement.  Well with the LG G2 it's a totally different story, the dbm's, along with the signal bars, are fluctuating between -103 to -95 dbm's.  I was thinking it could be perhaps a network problem in the area, however, when I switched the sim card back to my HTC One, it was giving me the readings that I have always had.  Has anyone had any issues similar to this?  I only have 14 days to return it, and I want to make sure if this is a common issue or not.  Also the percentage of the signal strength was almost half.

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Re: Fluctuating Signal lte dbm's on LG G2
Customer Service Rep

Hello Jesito473,

I can understand your concern! I want to ensure you receive the most reliable service at your home. The different device types may respond different to service within the home. The manfacturer may use different types of antennas along with the placement of antennas. Do any other devices within the home run into issues?

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